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Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions. Feel free to send a WhatsApp message or e-mail if you can't find the information you're looking for.
Is a deposit required?
Yes. A deposit always applies. The studio must be booked and paid in advance. If you are a real sub, that is no problem for you. My time is precious and I only want reliable subs.
Geen aanbetaling betekent dus geen sessie. Alles heeft met vertrouwen te maken en als je Mij al niet vertrouwd omdat ik een aanbetaling vraag, wat doe je hier dan nog? Vertrouwen is de basis van een goede BDSM sessie en D/s.
Aanbetaling kan worden gedaan via bankoverschrijving, giftcard of contant onder het genot van een drankje op jouw kosten.
Can I get my deposit back?
No, I assume that you will arrive on time, at the agreed time and location. If you report that you are unable to attend within 48 hours, you can use the deposit for another time. If you do not cancel at least 48 hours in advance, the deposit will expire and a new deposit will have to be paid when booking a new session.
Do I need to confirm that the session continues?
Yes, to prevent me from driving to the studio for nothing, you are obliged to send me a message at least 4 hours in advance on the day of the session. If you do not do this, I cannot assume that you will be present. If I don't hear from you, you will be blacklisted. This means that your scheduled session will expire (and with it your deposit) and that you will no longer be welcome for subsequent sessions.
What does the session look like?
Elke klant heeft andere behoeften, dus elke sessie is anders. Daarom zal geen enkele sessie hetzelfde zijn. Waar je gegarandeerd op kan rekenen, is dat ik gepassioneerd te werk ga en jouw interesses en (hard)-limits respecteer.
I don't want stretch marks and bruises, is this possible?
Yes, I'll take this into account.
What are the limits of the mistress?
You have limits and so do I. I am dressed at all times. That means I will never be naked. I combine latex, lingerie and leather in a Classy way. Intimacy will never occur with Me. What do I mean by this? No sex, no oral (give and take), no hugging, no kissing, no rimming, no blackmail, no toilet sessions and no wrestling. Unsolicited touching immediately terminates the session!
How can I book a session?
You can book a session via the contact form. DO NOT call, I will never answer.
What are the costs to book a session?
The costs depend on the studio you choose and how long you want.
SPNKD: at least 2 hours at 269,- per hour
Donna Fiera: at least 1 hour at 229,- per hour
Doma: at least 1 hour at 219,- per hour
Can I become Your slave?
Dat kan, maar er is uiteraard wel wat voor nodig. Jouw taalgebruik en etiquette is voor Mij belangrijk. Zorg dat je moeite doet om Mij een eerste indruk te geven van wie je bent. Jouw mail moet de volgende elementen bevatten: introductie van jezelf, je ervaring in de BDSM, jouw interesses hierin en je (hard)-limits. Uitgebreide mails hebben mijn voorkeur.
When there is a mutual connection, there is room to expand our D/s ratio. This means, for example, that we can go to (fetish) parties together, you help with the household, we dine together in a luxurious restaurant and you can even become an owned sub. I only do this with a few subs and is therefore an exclusive relationship.