About Mrs Poppy

Classy. Superior. Dominant.

Address me as Mrs Poppy. I am a young Domina and started changing my career in 2017 to focus on BDSM.
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‘’I've always been attracted to the world of BDSM’’

I love the BDSM community and love to share my kinky side with you. Fetishes come in countless possibilities, things and people. Do you like to get to know me? Send me a polite WhatsApp message or an e-mail. Maybe I see something in you, maybe not...
I love to develop myself. One of my current interests is delving into orthomolecular nutrition. It allows me to create the best version of myself by taking care of my body and mind.

I also have a great love for nature and animals. I can also regularly be found in the gym to do strength training.
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